Tax Exemption

Below you will find information pertaining to state tax exemption forms. We understand taxes can sometimes be complex, and we are here to help. We ask that customers please provide the necessary information to allow Source IT to honor any exemption certificate. Our exemption certificate wizard helps us gather the necessary information required.

Before You Begin
You will need specific information for each of the states you are filing an exemption. Please make sure to have the information listed below before you start to fill out the required form(s).

  • Customer/Company Name
  • Customer/Company Contact Information
  • FEIN
  • State resale/exemption number(s)
  • A pdf copy of resale/exemption certificates

Click the button below to begin access the certificate wizard.

Here to Help
If you have any questions about the process or need to renew certificates, please reach out to us by emailing Response times are generally less than one business day. We appreciate your continued business with Source IT.